IOT Technology to fight the coronavirus!


Meshlium Scanner Libelium

Meshlium Scanner to monitor the traffic of people and vehicles
during the alarm state

Libelium and Integra join efforts to offer a system to detect the movements of people and vehicles in cities.

It allows security forces to monitor the compliance of the adopted measures and to increase the surveillance only where it is needed.

With this technology motion control can be done 24 hours in real time. It is also a dissuasive strategy to avoid irresponsible practices by those who break confinement.

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→ How does it work?  

MESHLIUM SCANNER, installed in different points of the city, is capable of detecting wifi and bluetooth signals emitted by mobile devices of people and vehicles.

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→ This technology allows:  
1. Generate graphs to show the evolution of people movements in different areas of the city

2. Establish alerts if a certain flow is exceeded.

3. Warn if agglomeration is occurring.

4. Estimate trends based on the movement habits that are generated.

As the device can be portable, it can be placed according to the needs in different city areas.

The system could also be connected to police stations to detect areas with a certain saturation of pedestrians and/or vehicles at specific times.

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More efficient public space management with mobile device scanning

The Zaragoza City Council has installed this system in the city's Water Park to track the flow of people and vehicles using this space.

The application allows reports on occupation according to transit times, entry and exit as well as the total time a user has stayed in the area.

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